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Why people who love themselves and love only their own country tend to become liars.

 There are two types of people: those who try to determine the facts and make objective judgments as much as possible, and those who accept only what they want to believe as fact and will never accept what they do not want to believe as fake news.

 Many Russia-loving Russians do not want to believe the news that Putin is unjustly invading Ukraine and committing atrocities because they do not want to believe it. On the contrary, they believe the utterly fake news that Putin is fighting a just war to overthrow the neo-Nazi Zelensky regime as the only truth.

 Most Russians listen to both sides of the news, since they can watch the news on the Internet as well as on state TV, but they don't want to believe the news that Russia is being demonized, so they refuse to accept it as fake news, and believe only the false news that Russia is fighting for justice.

 In other words, many Russia-loving Russians do not care about the truth or facts, but accept only what they are emotionally comfortable with, and by placing themselves in such a fictional world of lies, they are able to escape from the unbelievable and fearful reality that many Ukrainians are suffering from the hell caused by the Russian military attack.

 People who value objective facts, no matter how cruel and unacceptable they may be, will honestly face the harsh reality and sincerely try to figure out what they can do about it.

 On the other hand, those who only believe what they want to believe will never face facts sincerely that they do not want to believe or that are inconvenient for them, but will assume that they are false or pretend that they do not exist.

 In other words, they deny the truth and reality, pushing them into a world of fiction, and on the contrary, they try to assume the world of fiction, which is completely covered with lies, is the true reality.

 Therefore, such people lie with impunity. Trump is a typical example.

 He tried to convince many people of the completely baseless falsehood that the election was rigged, as if it were the truth. He also declared that the numerous crimes he had committed, such as tax evasion, were all fake news and completely untrue.

 It seems that there are many similar fiction-loving people in Japan too who do not care about the truth or facts and only want to believe what they want to believe.

 They believe that Japan, such a wonderful and beautiful country, could never have made such a horrible mistake, that all the mistakes during the past world wars were fake news exaggerated by the enemy, that only anti-nationals brainwashed by the enemy would speak ill of their own country, and that proud Japanese people would never be fooled by such fake news, exactly the same way as patriotic Russians today.

It is obvious to anyone in any country that many patriotic Russians who refuse to believe the Russian atrocities in Ukraine are so ignorant and stupid turning a blind eye to reality. The very same thing is being done by the leading members of the political parties in power in our country and many patriotic people who support them. However, they may not realize how foolish that is on their own.

 And now it has come to light that such foolish patriotic politicians in our country have been duped by the enemy's agents into engaging in traitorous acts, helping the criminal organization in preying on the Japanese people and sending much of their wealth to foreign countries, instead of being patriotic to nation. However, these people are not interested in the truth, and they will never face up to the fact of how many Japanese have suffered by the crime of the organizations they were a part of, nor do they feel any torment of conscience.

 In other words, facts and reality mean nothing to them, and they value only the ideals in the fictions they believe in.

 Hitler tried to force such fictional ideas to become reality and plunged the real world into hell.

 People who refuse to face reality with sincerity will surely make the real world a hellish place.

 And every unjust and unreasonable act begins with a lie.

 The Nazi invasion of Poland began with the outright lie that Polish Germans were being persecuted.

 Russia's invasion of Ukraine was also started under the pretext of the outright lie that the Zelensky regime was a Nazi.

 The Trump supporters' takeover of the Capitol was also initiated by the outright lie that the vote was rigged.

 And in Japan, too, the prime minister lied with impunity to cover up its abuse of power, and in order to get foreign criminal organizations to cooperate in the election, the head of the police force was lined up with loyal retainers of the prime minister, and he arranged for them not to be criminally prosecuted at all, no matter how much the criminal organizations preyed on Japanese citizens, took their property, transferred it to their home countries, and caused serious damage to the Japanese people. To top it all off, he even tried to have the Attorney General on retainer to avoid prosecution for his own wrongdoings, but he failed in the end, and many of his schemes went awry. Now, the politicians who rode on the prime minister's coattails, praised the foreign criminal organizations, and facilitated their escape from capture, are being pursued for their misdeeds, as mentioned above. As already mentioned, these people, who have no intention of sincerely facing the truth, seem determined to continue lying with impunity to the very end.

 It has long been said that a liar is a thief, now it may be no exaggeration to say that liars bring about the beginning of the destruction of mankind.

 In order to avoid such a tragic situation, at least in our country, I strongly believe that we need to start by never allowing politicians to tell lies of any kind.


























Ancestors never haunt, and the ones who go to hell are those who threaten people by saying they will go to hell!

   Recently, the evils of the Unification Church, a South Korean-born international extortion fraud criminal organization, have been exposed one after another, and I would like to briefly review how a mere criminal organization has been deceiving many people in the name of a religious organization.

   The Unification Church preaches Christianity. In orthodox Christianity, however, Jesus Christ is the only Savior who redeemed all mankind from the sinfulness of being trapped in their own thinking and unable to honestly accept God's teachings. And it is said that man can accept God's love into oneself by believing in the love of Jesus Christ.

   Therefore, in the extreme, if you can get into such a state of mind, all you need is a Bible, no church, no pastor, no preacher, and no need to pay any money to anyone at all.

   The Bible also clearly states that in the latter days, there will be many false Christs who claim to be the Messiah, but we should never be deceived by them.

   In other words, it says that all those who speak of a new messiah other than Jesus Christ are false Christs, and that they are Satan's minions.

   And Moon Sun-myung of the Unification Church is indeed the one who calls himself the new messiah, and he is one of the many false christs foretold in the Bible and a pawn of Satan.

   Because he himself is a pawn of Satan, he preaches the importance of happiness and family, but in reality, he has no problem taking most of the wealth, destroying the family, and plunging the family into the depths of misery.

   Those who truly embody God's love are those who give only and never ask for money, no matter what the name.

   Asking for money is completely the work of the devil, and no matter what name or reason they give, in the end, as long as they are asking for money, they are essentially Satan. I can assure you of this.

   Furthermore, as for the teaching that misfortune is caused by ancestors being possessed, such a teaching does not exist in the original Christianity at all, and such an idea itself is derived from ancestral spirit beliefs, but the Unification Church, which is supposed to be a follower of Christianity, is using the idea of ancestral spirit beliefs to blackmail Japanese people. As long as they can blackmail and cheat people out of their money, they don't care whether the reason for their blackmail is Christianity or is originally from ancestral spirit beliefs.

   In other words, their goal is to blackmail and fleece people out of their money, and they never think about the happiness of those people. That is why, instead of being happy, many people's families collapse and they fall into the depths of unhappiness by donating large sums of money. It is certain that they are so heinous demons that we seldom see such vicious demons and Satan.

   In the belief in ancestral spirits, it is also believed that various troubles of living descendants are caused by floating spirits or the ancestral spirits that are not satisfied. Yet, even in such a case, the problems are solved by offering our sincere feeling to them. It can never be solved by money. It is all a matter of feelings.

   Speaking of feelings, it may not be an exaggeration to say that "everything depends on feelings" in the extreme, since human consciousness has great power.

   For example, people who believe in ancestral hauntings often experience various troubles around them, which makes them more and more convinced of ancestral hauntings.

   Conversely, for those who do not believe in ancestral hauntings at all, no such events occur at all.

   One famous example of mysterious phenomena produced by the human mind is the belief in the Virgin Mary, which is very popular in Spain and Italy, where many people believe in the Virgin Mary. In such areas, it often happens that the Virgin Mary suddenly appears in the sky before the eyes of many people and gives them a sign. This is witnessed by as many as 2,000 people, and is even covered by the media and television.

   In other words, what many people sincerely believe sometimes appears as a real event. However, similar phenomena would never occur in places where there is no Virgin Marian faith.

   Furthermore, in areas where people believe in the exorcism ritual, someone is regularly possessed by a demon and exorcised by an exorcist. There are also several different names for the demons that haunt the area, and one of these demons will always haunt someone.

   It is also said that in the Tohoku region of Japan, there is a Zashikiwarashi (a sprit of kid), and in places where it is believed, Zashikiwarashi are actually seen.

   In Japan, there used to be a phenomenon called "fox possession," in which a person possessed by a fox would often squeal and jump around like a fox, and when the fox was driven out by an ascetic, the person would return to his/her senses. However, as the number of people who believed in such phenomena decreased, the phenomena itself ceased to occur.

   In other words, the Zashikiwarashi never appears in Europe, and conversely, the exorcist demon never appears in the Tohoku region in Japan.

   In short, various phenomena are created by what people believe, and what many people believe can sometimes appear as a phenomenon witnessed by many people at the same time.

   So, while it may be true that your ancestors will haunt you if you believe in it, it will never happen if you do not believe in it from the beginning.

   Also, as for the threat of going to hell, the person who threatens people and takes their money is actually the one who feels the guiltiest, and because of that guilt, he or she will really experience the suffering of hell even after death.

   I can assure you that people who live honestly and sincerely without any malice toward others will never fall into hell.
































Easy ways to identify fraudulent cults.

 There are so many religious organizations in the world that at first glance it seems very difficult to tell which ones are sound and which ones are fraudulent cults.

 However, there is actually a very simple way to tell the difference.

 It is whether it costs money or not. Any religious group that costs a lot of money is a fraudulent cult, and no matter how splendid its teachings may be, they are nothing more than a story made up to motivate the believers and extract money from them. I can say this with absolute certainty.

 A sound religious organization should be a group that wishes for the happiness of its followers and all people, and its doctrines should be in line with that. If such an organization, which is supposed to wish for the happiness of people, asks for money, it is because the organizers of the group have a very secular and evil intention of "wanting more money".

 As long as the organizers of the cult have worldly evil intentions, everything they preach is only a front, and their true intention is only, "Listen to what we say, be deceived, and pay us! That is all. In other words, they are nothing more than a criminal group.

 As a religious organization, it is true that it needs facilities such as a house of worship and a meeting place, so it needs a certain amount of money. However, that should be covered by monthly membership fees, just like a sports gym. So, to put it simply, any religious organization that charges more than a sports gym, you can be sure that someone is trying to make an unfair profit.

 If you are invited by someone to join a religious group, you should always ask how much it costs, and be suspicious if you are told vaguely that there is no fee or that it depends on how you feel.

 In any case, as soon as you find out that it is going to cost more than the gym membership fee, I think you should immediately consider it a fraudulent cult and cut all ties with it.

 However, there are some Christian churches and religious organizations with a long tradition that require 10% or 20% of its followers’ income to be donated, so it is true that money alone is not necessarily the determining factor. In my opinion, however, 10% or 20% of income is too much, and we should carefully check how they are using the money they raise.

   In any case, as long as the religious group or its organizer does not have the evil intention of "wanting more money," they will never ask for more money than they need.

   We should clearly recognize that religious organizations that cost more money than necessary are not really religious organizations at all, but merely fraudulent criminal organizations under the name of religion.














Japanese Ex P.M. Shinzo Abe was killed as a result of vicious activities of Moonies !

 Moonies is a pseudo-religious criminal organization created by South Korean Moon Jae-in using all kinds of brainwashing methods.

 Although it ostensibly claims to be a Christian denomination, this is because Christianity is popular in Korea, but its doctrines have nothing to do with the original Christianity, and are completely artificial and bullshit, like the thesis of a failed college student majoring in religious studies.

 The reason why Moonies is not a real religious organization but merely a criminal organization disguised as a religion is that it calls itself Christian in Korea, where Christianity is thriving, but in Japan, where Christianity is not popular, it says totally different things like, "Your misfortune is caused by your ancestors. If you buy this 3,000,000 yen vase, your ancestors will be relieved from suffering and stop disturbing you." which has nothing to do with Christianity's original doctrine, and which seems to be popular with the Japanese.

 The fact that a self-proclaimed Christian group says, "If you buy the jar, your ancestors will be relieved and stop disturbing you." is proof that they think the Japanese people are stupid and that "stupid and simple Japanese people will immediately pay money if you say their ancestors are not happy," It can also be said that the fact that they are collecting large sums of money from all over Japan by using scare tactics that have nothing to do with their original doctrine but are aimed at Japanese people who only believe in the haunting of their ancestors, is clearly a deliberate act of criminal fraud that has nothing to do with religious activities but only with criminal intention of collecting money.

 Yet, in spite of such obvious criminal fraud, it is always the members at the end of the line who are arrested, and the organization itself is always blameless, and such criminal fraud is still being committed with impunity.

 What are the Japanese police and judiciary doing? There is a good reason for this.

 From its inception, Moonies has been an anti-Communist movement, claiming that Communism is Satan, and in line with this claim, a joint Japan-Korea political organization called the International Federation for Victory Over Communism was formed under the leadership of Abe's grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi.

 Since then, Moonies has developed close ties with conservative politicians in Japan, and has been giving a portion of the large sums of money it has obtained through deceiving the Japanese people to those politicians in order to protect its activities in Japan.

 Therefore, Moonies is still one of the most important support groups of the LDP, and the ruling LDP has been facilitating their activities in various ways.

 That is why they have been left unchecked for so long, no matter how many malicious criminal acts they have committed in Japan and how many Japanese people have fallen prey to them.

 This time, too, the police still only announced that the perpetrators had a grudge against a specific religious group, and the perpetrators themselves clearly named Moonies, but the police did not want to release their names, and the major media companies were reluctant to release their real names. This shows how Moonies has been protected by the Japanese authorities and has become a major political taboo that must not be touched.

 Mr. Abe, I believe, has only continued his association with Moonies because of his grandfather's connection to it. But if the police are not cracking down hard on Moonies, then the perpetrator’s delusion “Moonies is deeply involved with Abe and that's why the police can't investigate” may not be just a delusion.

 This time, I hope that the police will thoroughly investigate this international criminal organization called Moonies and expose its past misdeeds until it is destroyed.